Yes, you can always cancel your trip, flight, hotel or rental car. However, in order to get your money back, you must normally have to have purchased cancellation protection. This is only applicable to illnesses upon proof of a valid doctor’s certificate. When you have completed your booking and pressed ‘Pay’, the booking is binding.

Want to cancel your flight?

If you want to cancel your flight you must contact us by email or telephone. Note that the flight is not canceled until you have received confirmation from us. You need to contact us as early as possible!  Different airlines have different rules for how late you can cancel. If you are canceling close to your departure date and outside of our opening hours, you must always contact the airline directly.

Airline regulations generally do not permit refunds of canceled tickets. We must always comply with the airline’s regulations and cannot make our own exceptions. However, in some individual cases it is still possible to have airline tickets refunded. We then charge the administrative fee that you are informed about at the time of booking. The airline also makes a charge for cancellation. 

Canceling a hotel?

If you have booked a hotel with us and wish to cancel, you must contact us as soon as possible in order for us to assist with the cancellation. In some cases, the hotel's rules will permit a refund. We will cancel your hotel room and repay the hotel cost minus our administrative charge. This will be in addition to any fees charged by the hotel for cancellation. 

Canceling a rental car?

Booking a rental car is always direct through the rental car company. Therefore you should go directly to their customer service and ask about the options for canceling or rebooking.